Environment stability – Jenga or Riding a Bike?


I first used this analogy at an Open Cloud Forum event in Zurich a couple of months back, and I just used it again in a panel discussion at DevSecOps Days London. I’ve been meaning to incorporate it into a DevOps presentation, but until then…


The ‘traditional’ Enterprise IT approach to stability is a game of Jenga – don’t touch anything in case the tower falls over. Each change feels like it brings us closer to calamity; and eventually it does all fall down and you have to pick up the pieces, put them back in place, and start over.

Riding a Bike

The agile/DevOps approach to stability is to keep moving forward, like riding a bike – if you have enough velocity, you’re stable.

One Response to “Environment stability – Jenga or Riding a Bike?”

  1. 1 Laurent

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” (Albert EInstein)

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