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This is (something like) what I’ll read as the eulogy for my Dad at his funeral today. — My first memories of Dad were of him tinkering with stuff in his garage. He was always making and mending. He taught me how to be an engineer. There seemed to be a constant flow of people […]

June 2022


Pupdate The boys got their first taste of ‘doggy daycare’ at a local kennels, and seemed to get on with it OK. They even got a report card: They also got ‘done’ this month, which led to a day or two of feeling pretty sorry for themselves: Electromagnetic Field I only found out about Electromagnetic […]

Dart is the main language that The @ Company uses, so after a few months here are the things that I’m missing the most: 1. YAML output Dart is pretty much build around YAML. Dependencies are defined in a pubspec.yaml, so of course there’s a YAML parser, that’s what yaml/yaml.dart does. But: This library currently […]

I already wrote about my plans to get a TMS9995 running on RC2014, so this is the post about how I put together an RC2014 version of Stuart Conner’s TMS 9995 Breadboard or PCB System. Planning Taking a look at the TMS9995 pinout and the RC2014 module template it became clear that there was no […]

I first used this analogy at an Open Cloud Forum event in Zurich a couple of months back, and I just used it again in a panel discussion at DevSecOps Days London. I’ve been meaning to incorporate it into a DevOps presentation, but until then… Jenga The ‘traditional’ Enterprise IT approach to stability is a […]

With the launch of the iPad now a few days behind us, and the dust┬ábeginning┬áto settle I thought it was time to reflect on what this is going to mean to the marketplace. Firstly this is a device for ‘normals‘ (though I do like the term ‘muggles‘). It is intended for the consumption of media, […]

Update (3 May 2010) – I’m getting increasingly sick of how often this machine fails to record things. Worse still I’ve even seen it say that it’s started to record something, but when I go to watch it there’s nothing in the list. Reliability is awful compared to when I first started using it. I’m […]

Geek travel


First day in the new job, and I’m back on the road again after a quiet 18 months from a travel perspective. I’ve spent some time over the last few years trying to optimise things so that I’m carrying the least weight but the most functionality (particularly important when trying to avoid checking stuff in). […]

Charlie seems to have kicked off what might become a geek meme over at I’ll break from my usual tradition of not mentioning brand names. Many of the brands I encountered are now consigned to the history books, others are still going strong. I don’t imply any endorsement, choices were mostly down to what […]