June 2022



The boys got their first taste of ‘doggy daycare’ at a local kennels, and seemed to get on with it OK.

They even got a report card:

They also got ‘done’ this month, which led to a day or two of feeling pretty sorry for themselves:

Electromagnetic Field

I only found out about Electromagnetic Field after it had happened in 2016, and loved it in 2018. When it came to ticket sales in 2020 my mouse pointer was hovering over the ‘buy’ button for tickets, and then I convinced myself it wouldn’t be happening. And of course it didn’t happen that year, but what I didn’t consider was that the 2020 ticket buyers would get first dibs on 2022 tickets. So… I persuaded Atsign to sponsor, which guaranteed tickets for my colleague Gary and I.

The weather wasn’t quite as kind as 2018, and the arcade wasn’t quite as filled with my favourites; but I still had an amazing time there, and I’m really looking forward to 2024 and maybe a retro meetup village.

As I was getting ready to leave the BBC coverage for the Platinum Jubilee was hitting fever pitch. I hoped the camp might provide some escape, and it really did, I didn’t see any jubilee stuff at all. It’s a place full of people of living in the future, and it seems that the future doesn’t have a British Monarchy.

Regatta Karuna 6 Tent

For EMF 2018 I bought a new family tent, but given the amazing weather it wasn’t really tested.

EMF 2022 was just its second outing, and the first night revealed its one big flaw. The layout has two pods at one end, and one pod at the other, with one set perpendicular to the other. That means that if there’s any slope then one set of pods is head up on the incline, and the other is rolling down the hill. Sadly the Eastnor site doesn’t offer much level space, which was fine for those of us at one end, and pretty terrible at the other end. I mostly LOVE this tent, but this particular aspect is perhaps a major design flaw.

Slopes aside the tent was great. We got rained on, and stayed dry. It was spacious, comfortable, easy to set up, easy to take down, easy to dry out later.

School’s out

$son0 finished his 2nd year at university early on in the month, and $daughter0 finished her exams towards the end, so that’s us done with ‘school’ (where us Brits don’t use that word for University). Another one of those seminal moments of parenthood passes by.

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