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TL;DR A £7000 policy isn’t enough to cover a single chemo protocol for lymphoma, especially given the likely costs that will have stacked up before getting to a diagnosis. My insurer, ManyPets, have been prompt in paying smaller claims, but much slower on the bigger ones. But there’s been no quibbling or hassle, and I’ve […]

It’s Milo’s 2nd birthday today, which is a landmark I feared he’d not reach four months ago. Since his last setback things have been ticking along very much to plan: The only cloud on the horizon is that his scan at NDSR didn’t show full remission, which the oncologist would normally hope for at that […]

This wasn’t as much of an unwelcome surprise as the last time. We knew that the Cyclophosphamide hit him hard last time around, and despite a reduced dose, and some weight gain, it seems to have had a similar impact this time. A low white cell count (and low neutrophils) meant it wasn’t safe to […]

Milo was supposed to have his third dose of chemo today, an injection of Vincristine, but that didn’t happen, as his white cell count was too low. It was a bit low when he went for his Cyclophosphamide tablets last week, but the specialist gave the green light to proceed. This time around it was […]

TL;DR Milo was only 18 months old when we noticed the lump on his neck, and it took some weeks to reach a diagnosis, but it seems that he has cancer (bad), specifically lymphoma (very bad), more specifically lymphoma with Mott cell differentiation (aka Mott cell lymphoma [MCL], which is maybe less awful than other […]