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May 2023


Pupdate Towards the end of the month it started staying dry enough to start returning to some of the longer ‘summer’ walks. The end for ‘Trigger’s AirPods’ In a previous post I’d mentioned that I probably should have spent my money on some new AirPods Pro rather than keeping on replacing parts of my old […]

April 2023


Pupdate It’s (finally) warm enough for the boys to be walking without their coats again :) Loss The month seemed to be marked (and marred) by a number of losses. Dad My Dad died on Easter Saturday, and I heard the news from his wife just as I was getting up on Easter Sunday. After […]

March 2023


Pupdate A pretty uneventful month on the chemo front; Milo had another setback, but that was almost expected this time around. Roachford Trading Boundaries is an eclectic shop not too far from my home that becomes a music venue in the evening. They get a lot of cover bands, and fragments of bands that were […]

February 2023


Pupdate Milo’s chemotherapy has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, with a setback along the way; but he’s back on track and has now completed the first round. He’s back to looking and behaving like the pup he was before any of this started, and Max seems happy to have his brother back on […]

January 2023


Pupdate I shied away from mentioning that Milo was ill last month. I guess I was hoping that he’d bounce back soon, and I didn’t want to worry anybody. But January brought terrible news, as it seems he has lymphoma. He’s started chemotherapy, and I hope I get to mention what he’s been up to […]

December 2022


Pupdate We finally got the sizing figured out to order the boys some Equafleece Dachsie Jumpers, which have them looking smart and keeping warm: Up North When I grew up in the North East of England everybody I knew lived at the coast. But over time, friends and family have moved on, which meant my […]

November 2022


The regular pupdate and solar diary, along with a visit to The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC).

October 2022


Pupdate The boys were too frequently pulling on their lead when wearing harnesses, so we did a bit of slip lead training, and now they’ve got collars and they’re walking much more nicely :) New VPS I’ve mentioned in past posts that I run a handful of VPSs so that I can emerge from the […]

September 2022


Pupdate The boys have been enjoying the sun when it’s been out, as we have the last warm and dry days before autumn descends into winter. Milo has been particularly enjoying the windfalls from the apple tree: Solar diary This might be a regular feature here, at least for a little while (until the novelty […]