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March 2023


Pupdate A pretty uneventful month on the chemo front; Milo had another setback, but that was almost expected this time around. Roachford Trading Boundaries is an eclectic shop not too far from my home that becomes a music venue in the evening. They get a lot of cover bands, and fragments of bands that were […]

April 2022


Pupdate April started off cold and wet, but the back half has been a great improvement, with some T-shirt weather days, and a chance for the boys to meet their sausagey friends. Motorcyle The fair weather has also meant some opportunities to get out on my bike. Tyres At its MOT a few weeks back […]

InfoQ articles


I bumped into a friend and former colleague earlier in the week who reads this blog, but didn’t realise that I now write cloud stuff for InfoQ. Please take a look – most of the recent stories are about Docker, but I also do my best to cover the most important cloud news in a […]