March 2023



A pretty uneventful month on the chemo front; Milo had another setback, but that was almost expected this time around.

Milo and Max


Trading Boundaries is an eclectic shop not too far from my home that becomes a music venue in the evening. They get a lot of cover bands, and fragments of bands that were popular a while ago. But when their newsletter included an artist I’d listened to many times over the years my mouse pointer was headed straight to the buy button.

Roachford had some chart hits, but never hit the big time; but I remembered enjoying his Permanent Shade of Blue.

Roachford playing at Trading Boundaries

Performing live he was amazing. A brilliant mix of old and new material, with some ‘Roachford it up’ covers for seasoning. He worked the room like a pro, and it was clear that everybody in the packed house was having a great time. If you get the chance, I highly recommend seeing one of his shows. He’s also going to be touring with Mike and the Mechanics.


After quite a few years away I rejoined the programme committee for QCon London this year, which gave me a busy few days at the end of the month.

The London skyline as seen from the QCon venue

It’s hard to pick out highlights, as it was all so good. I loved all the keynotes. I loved pretty much every track talk I went to. I loved hanging out with my friends and making some new ones. It was great.

Solar Diary

Despite some subjectively awful weather, March was certainly better for catching some rays. Exporting was down though, due to the iBoost working properly throughout the month.

238.3 kWh generated in March

Beating Beat Saber

I didn’t spend much time in the metaverse this month, but I did manage to rack up a few more Full Combos in the Lady Gaga levels :)

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