May 2020


Inspired by Ken Corless’s #kfcblog I’m trying out monthly roundup posts for stuff that didn’t deserve a whole post of their own


I wanted to try out RomWBW, but didn’t fancy going down the route of making more RC2014 modules, so I got myself an SC131 kit from Stephen Cousins. It’s wonderfully cute and compact, was a pleasure to put together, and worked on first boot :) Though spot what I messed up in the final stages of construction :/ Anyway, I now have something else to play Zork on.

It was also cool to see my colleague Eric Moore featured on Boing Boing for his SEL 810A restoration (and also on Hackaday).


Since mid March I’ve been doing workouts on the garage cross trainer on work days, and Oculus Quest Beat Sabre  on other days. I only recently discovered that my Apple watch can track ‘Fitness Gaming’ as a workout, which means May became my first perfect month for workouts (after April being my first perfect month for closing rings).


Since getting an Ooni 3 last summer pizza night has become a regular weekly feature, but we’ve been mixing things up with some Chicago style deep pan pizzas. I’ve been taking inspiration from this recipe. It’s not quite Malnati’s, but better than anything I’ve had in the UK.

Bodil’s ‘trick to making instant ramyun into gourmet food‘ has become a firm favourite for something quick and tasty on a Sunday evening.

After spending some weeks scraping together the ingredients we were finally able to try this home KFC recipe. I don’t think it really tasted like the general article, but was still a big hit with the kids.

No new restaurant recommendations this month; I miss sushi :/


The shows must go on has continued to serve up some treats, and #JaysVirtualPubQuiz has become a weekly favourite. Normal People was very binge worthy, and Star Wars The Clone Wars came to a strong finish.


We finally got the open source version of DevOps Dojo out the door, and I spent some time with one of the engineers behind it on a walk through demo.

Raspberry Pi

It’s now possible to boot a Pi 4 from USB, which means you can use an SSD adaptor. I’ve set mine up so that my daughter can run Mathematica on it from her Macbook, as it’s free on the Raspberry Pi (versus £hundreds for even the student edition on PC/Mac).

One Response to “May 2020”

  1. Wow! That RomWBW looks great.

    Those Hammond style enclosures give such a satisfying finish to a product.
    I’ve been using a similar one from Pactek for a project recently and they’re really good!

    I’m glad thing seem to be going well. I’ve learnt a bit about microwave cooking as I had some oven/hob problems. Everything’s harder when you can’t fry onions but there’s a few good things you can do with just a microwave and a slow cooker.

    The Mathematica hack sounds epic as well!

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