October 2020



It wasn’t long after we lost Dougal that we decided the house just felt wrong without a dog. So… new puppy – Maximus:

More photos on my daily #pupdate

We’re all streamers now

Returning to this theme, I’ve added a few more links to my streaming tag on Pinboard.


On the recommendation of Ken Corless, I bought a Neewer LED lamp that I fitted above my secondary monitor. The version with a mains adapter was ridiculously more expensive than the one without, so I got the battery only version. That was fine until the battery ran out. So I grabbed a spare 12v power supply and… it didn’t fit because the lamp has a weird size power socket. Luckily I was able to get an adapter for the adapter – 5.5mm x 2.1mm Female Socket to 2.5mm Male Plug.

Pi Stuff

35mm lenses on HQ camera

@biglesp tweeted about using Canon EF lenses with the HQ camera so I ordered an adapter for FD lenses, as I have quite a stash of them from a kit I bought some time ago to satisfy my childhood desire to have a Canon A-1.

Here’s a selfie I took using my 50mm f1.4 S.S.C. lens:

Lots of bokeh potential with wide lenses, and some pretty significant cropping going from 35mm frame to 6.3mm (1/2.3″) sensor, turning my 50mm ‘standard’ lens into something like a 280mm equivalent telephoto (so if I try my 300mm lens it will become a 1660mm telescope).

M2 SSD case

I’ve written in the past about using my Pi4 with an SSD, using a USB3 to SATA adapter, but another option is this case, with M.2. Meanwhile the Pi4 based compute module has arrived, which breaks out PCIe opening up the option of attaching SSDs through that interface for even better performance.

ESXi for the Pi

Is now available is a ‘fling‘ from VMware. I’ve not had the chance to try it yet, and when I do I’ll probably try putting Ubuntu 20.10 on as a guest alongside Raspbian.

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