January 2022



Back to school for the rest of the family means back to the normal routine in the office with me for the boys.

Covid recovery

The PCR test that I went for on New Year’s Eve came back void, so I had to go for another, but sure enough I had the ‘rona. Under the new testing regime introduced a few days later I wouldn’t have even had to go for a PCR test.

I didn’t have much in the way of physical symptoms, but the brain fog that many people mention came along. And headaches. I don’t get headaches, but it felt like if I tried to think too hard I was pushing my brain past its limit. It was like my red line had dropped from 6,900rpm to 2,000rpm.

I’ve read a few accounts of people pushing themselves too hard too soon, so I backed off my normal exercise regime until I felt properly well again. Thankfully once I restarted exercise the headaches receded.

Vintage Port

When $son0 was born my colleagues in Global Web Services (GWS) bought me a bottle of my favourite vintage port – Dows ’80. Since it was (almost) 21 years old then, I decided to keep it for his 21st birthday.

It was really good. It was also nice to hear from many of the folk from GWS in what turned out to be my most engaged thread ever on LinkedIn.


After some frustration in December it was good to get things back on track. So I finally got that Stack Overflow badge:

And the Apple Fitness stuff is back on track:

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