Dear Mims Davies, Johnson must be pushed out


Dear Mims Davies,

It’s been three months since I last wrote to you about Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s unsuitability, and nothing has happened in that time to exculpate him.

In fact it is clearer than ever that he broke the law, repeatedly lied about it to parliament, and has declared no intention to resign (as he should to comply with his own ministerial code).

It now falls upon you and your colleagues to act as the last line of defence for our democracy and push him out. You have a choice: do you actually stand for the rule of law, or are you willing to go along with ‘might is right’ with the democratic fig leaf of the 2019 election?

I would hope that despite conflicting loyalties it should be a simple choice. That you chose to became a lawmaker because you believe that people abiding by better laws will make for a better country. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “the first duty of government is to uphold the law – if it tries to bob and weave and duck around that duty when it is inconvenient then so will the governed”. Allowing the present situation to continue will further destroy trust in government and public institutions on which a functioning society depends.

Of course you might be thinking you can toe the party line, and maybe grab some of that might for yourself, and use it for purposes that seem right. But there lies the road to ruin, as you will make yourself a co-conspirator in a corrupt and criminal enterprise; and no good can come from that.

“But what about the war?” I see already trotted out as a talking point. There are far more capable, competent, and seemingly honest people within the ranks of The Conservative Party who can deal with us providing support to Ukraine. Tom Tungendhat immediately comes to mind.

It’s time to act. Don’t let us down. History will not be kind to those who appease and equivocate over this mortal hazard to the integrity of our nation.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Swan

One Response to “Dear Mims Davies, Johnson must be pushed out”

  1. Thanks Chris, well put. I fear they are focused on self-preservation at the expense of integrity.

    I also wrote to my MP today too…

    To Caroline Lucas…

    This is probably the third time I have written on this topic.  I feel strongly about it.

    Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Priti Patel cloak their collective incompetence on refugee processing with visits to Kyiv and nationalist bluster.

    The racist, xenophobic thinking behind the  ‘hostile environment’ is alive and well in Tory Britain.

    Ironically, Britain (and the EU) have the technologies and skills to solve this, and support digital border, tax and welfare systems that are fit for purpose and not ridden with fraud.

    It’s a cynical choice to wring hands and simply fail, allowing this to happen

    Nick Meyne

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