Milo cancer diary part 2 – first setback


Milo was supposed to have his third dose of chemo today, an injection of Vincristine, but that didn’t happen, as his white cell count was too low.

It was a bit low when he went for his Cyclophosphamide tablets last week, but the specialist gave the green light to proceed. This time around it was far too low; so we’ve been asked to go back in five days, and he’s on a course of antibiotics in the interim. The only thing that’s continuing per the original plan is the steroids, and we’ve now hit the stage where he’s down to half a tablet per day rather than a whole one. It will be interesting to see if his energy levels stay up.

One of the drawbacks of chemo drugs is that they can supress the immune system, which is why an essential part of the protocol is testing the white cell count before giving any drugs.

Past parts:

1 – diagnosis and initial treatment

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  1. 1 J

    wishing him a speedy recovery

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