Milo cancer diary part 3 – back on track


After last week’s setback everything went well for Milo’s third dose of chemo. His white cell count was right back up to normal levels, and the injection seemed to have no impact on him.

As we approach the final dose for this round of chemo it seems that the best case picture painted by the specialist has come true. Apart from a few shaved bits of fur there’s no sign that there was ever anything wrong with him. He’s back to full energy and enthusiasm for everything, and putting weight back on that’s bringing back his original physique.

Milo Destroyer of Toys back in action

While it’s great to see him back in form, it comes tainted with some sadness. We know where this rollercoaster ride will end, with a young dog acting like an old dog; so we do our best to enjoy the extra months (hopefully years) of health and happiness that the treatment buys us together.

Past parts:

1. diagnosis and initial treatment

2. first setback

One Response to “Milo cancer diary part 3 – back on track”

  1. 1 andyjpb

    Hi Chris,
    I’m glad to hear it’s going well again.
    That’s a great photo of him.

    All the best!

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