February 2023



Milo’s chemotherapy has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, with a setback along the way; but he’s back on track and has now completed the first round. He’s back to looking and behaving like the pup he was before any of this started, and Max seems happy to have his brother back on form.

Milo sporting the compression bandage from his final dose of chemo for round one

15 years of this blog

I missed this last month, but it’s now been over 15y since I said Hello World here. Tim Bray is 5y ahead of me, and I share many of his sentiments from Two Ongoing Decades.

USB-C charger report

At the start of the year I wrote some reviews of USB-C power banks and wall chargers. I’ve now had the chance to try some on travel.

The Anker 737 power bank has been excellent, and is certainly worth the travel weight. At MWC it’s been able to keep a Pi4 and a travel router going for a full day on the stand,

The Anker 543 charger has mostly lived up to expectations. It can be a little slow charging the 737 if there’s other stuff plugged in, but never problematically. I did however realise that I needed another USB A output for my travel router, so a multi adaptor has been returned to the EU travel pack.

Trigger’s AirPods Pro

My AirPods Pro have become like Trigger’s broom (or the Ship of Theseus) as there’s no original part left now that both earpieces have been replaced (twice in some cases) along with the charger/holder.

There’s a part of me wishing I’d just bought some AirPods Pro 2 before Christmas when the charger failed :/

Solar Diary

The main news for the past month is that I’ve seen the iBoost working properly after replacing the thermostat on the water tank.

At this stage I’m going to assume that EDF have silently cancelled my application for smart export guarantee (SEG) and reapply :(

Beating Beat Saber

Some more full combos on tracks in the Lady Gaga pack, but not much play this month as the weather has been better for longer dog walks (and Milo’s in better shape to go on them).

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