Roll up, rollup, get your Dependabot PRs together here


While I wait for GitHub to get their act together on my Dependabot Wishlist I’ve created a little script for my first frustration – rollups.

Another morning, another patch release of Dart, another 4 Dependabot PRs in my inbox:

Only this time I was able to simply run: 1247 1250

and the subsequent 3 PRs were rolled into the first, which I could then approve, and merge once CI had passed :)

Here’s the script (also on Gist), which depends on having the gh command line tool installed, and that’s run from the root of a clone of the repo concerned (I keep the script itself in ~/.local/bin/, but obviously anywhere on the PATH will be fine):

if [ $# -ne 2 ] ; then
    echo "Usage <BASE_PR> <LAST_PR>"
    exit 1
git pull
gh pr checkout "$BASE_PR"
for (( i=(($BASE_PR + 1)); i<=$LAST_PR; i++ ))
   PR_BRANCH=$(gh pr view "$i" --json headRefName -q .headRefName)
   git merge origin/"$PR_BRANCH" -m "build(deps): Merge branch for #{$i} {$PR_BRANCH}"
git push

It would still be nicer to say ‘@dependabot rollup #1247-1250‘ but for now that little script achieves the same outcome. 

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