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A colleague asked me the other day how to get started with GitHub on a Windows machine, and I ended up doing a quick screen share to show him my usual setup. Thinking that it’s likely a common question I’ve put together a quick screencast of installing Git Bash and Atom on Windows, and using […]

It’s almost a year since I built my Nanode thermometer, and it looks like another really cold snap is headed towards the UK – perhaps snow over the weekend. I’ve not had it set up for a little while, as the TMP36 sensor was reclaimed for a project that put Scratch and an Arduino together […]

I’ve written before about my OpenELEC build bot, and even detailed how to run one for yourself in the cloud. After the VPS I’d been using died the other day I had to rebuild my environment, and thought I’d take the opportunity to try some things out. The key change is using a loop device […]