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The @ Company uses a lot of SSL certificates, and we’ve been using ZeroSSL and its Certbot wrapper zerossl-bot to automate how we manage certs. But we wanted more control over the process, which has driven us towards the ZeroSSL API. Sadly the docs don’t provide usage examples, which has made it quite a journey […]

DXC Bionix


Today’s a big day as we’ve unveiled our first sub-brand at DXC Technology — DXC Bionix™, our new digital generation services delivery model that provides a data driven approach to intelligent automation. DXC Bionix includes three elements: Analytics and AI Lean methodology Automation Bringing these elements together enables us to achieve greater insight, speed and efficiency […]

This is a cross post from the CohesiveFT corp blog. For many years setting off fireworks was a labor intensive task, with people running around lighting blue touch papers. That’s been changed in recent years, and large displays are now automated. Somebody programs a script into a box, then presses the Go! button to set things off. Once […]