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Today’s a big day as we’ve unveiled our first sub-brand at DXC Technology — DXC Bionix™, our new digital generation services delivery model that provides a data driven approach to intelligent automation. DXC Bionix includes three elements:

  1. Analytics and AI
  2. Lean methodology
  3. Automation

Bringing these elements together enables us to achieve greater insight, speed and efficiency across our global delivery ecosystem.

We’ve been deploying Bionix at scale and seeing some great results, and the time has come for us to share our approach directly with clients and partners as more of our offerings become Bionix enabled.

Our results from Bionix, as noted in the press release, include:

  • 50-80% reduction in time spent on operations
  • 25% reduction in testing costs; 50% defect reduction; 60% reduction in testing time
  • Reduction in average applications deployment time from 180 minutes to 15 minutes
  • 65% reduction in business process transaction time with assisted Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • 71% of incidents auto-resolved or auto-diagnosed without human intervention
  • 82% percent elimination of issues through rules-based filtering and alert correlation

At the heart of Bionix is design for operations, where we feed back the lessons learned from improvements in our existing operational environment into the design of our offerings. These “Powered by Bionix” offerings will be turnkey on Day 1 and integrated into our ongoing operation environment, Platform DXC. Platform DXC provides the foundations for Bionix with services for intelligence, orchestration and automation that allow us to quickly build and deliver partner-engineered, at-scale, repeatable offerings and solutions that help drive client digital transformations.

As a proof of concept for Platform DXC, we re-engineered a solution deployment that yielded big results:

  • Lead time reduced from 1500 hours to 2 hours
  • Work reduced from 660 hours to less than an hour
  • From 8 teams to 1 team
  • Meaning 7 hand offs reduced to zero

The numbers speak for themselves and demonstrate the power of shifting from an organisational model that scales with labour to one that’s designed and built on a scalable operating platform.

Our Bionix approach was first introduced in May 2017 internally as “Bionics”, which I wrote about in this primer. We’ve come a long way since then, and I look forward to sharing more about the culture change that enabled us to go from concept to minimal viable product (MVP) with Platform DXC in just 230 days.

One Response to “DXC Bionix”

  1. I have been participating in a Bionix analysis and the approach and the results of the analysis let us to put in perspective where to start.

    Quick questionnaire as the “What is Your Analytics IQ?” are really useful for self awareness exercise.


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