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First the really good news – Lenovo (or more specifically their fulfilment partner Digital River) managed to take an order from me and ship (on time) without some major disaster happening (as I’ve suffered before, repeatedly). They seem to have entirely given up on supplying order tracking information, which is little change in practice to […]

Three screens


I’ve had a run of bad luck with screens recently.. Laptop The first casualty was my son’s X121e. He brought it home from school one evening saying ‘the screen on my laptop is broken … I didn’t drop it’. My response was of course ‘why are you telling me you didn’t drop it’, and ‘what […]

After some hassles getting it, the X121e has been in the household for a few days now – so it’s time for ¬†first impressions review. Design and build The machine looks and feels more like an IdeaPad than the ThinkPad’s I’m used to. This is no surprise given the price. The¬†chassis seems pretty robust, but […]

OK – before I even start on this, I should know better – this sort of thing has happened before. Let me begin by saying that I love Lenovo gear. I like the build quality and durability. I prefer trackpoint over touchpad. I’ve had 4 Thinkpads over the last decade and they’ve all been brilliant. […]