MBNA and Miles & More dupe me out of 10,000s of miles


I fly to Zurich a few times a year, and often fly with Swiss, so I’ve been a member of their Miles & More rewards programme (which is run by Lufthansa) for some time. To help keep hold of my miles (and even top them up a little) I got the connected credit card from MBNA. Each month I get an email that looks like this:

I foolishly thought that because I had the card my miles were safe (and perhaps didn’t notice or pay attention to the red expiry warning when it came along). Of course the marketing message:


is different from the smallprint:


So over the past month my mileage balance has been pretty much vaporised:

So it looks like I have little incentive to do business with Swiss or MBNA any more (and I miss out on that ski trip in the Swiss alps that I thought I might one day use those miles on).

It’s just a shame it wasn’t made clear to me that my credit card wasn’t shielding me from expiry. I’d have given the miles to charity or something rather than have them just expire.



3 Responses to “MBNA and Miles & More dupe me out of 10,000s of miles”

  1. 1 Correy Voo

    Yeah it stinks when this happens. Miles & More and MBNA are not the only companies to do this. Almost all air mileage schemes now have automatic expiries if you don’t use them or keep using the services. I had the same happen with my Virgin account two years ago. I still use Virgin Atlantic but I’ve dumped their (MBNA based) credit card.

  2. I don’t mind it that miles expire, which happens with pretty much all the programmes. I just thought that those miles were safe, and they weren’t. I also lost over 10,000 Virgin miles a while ago – but only because I couldn’t find any way to use them. I’m sure I could have put 50,000 M&M miles to use if only I’d realised the urgency.

  3. Salut je suis Levi. Merci pour ce bluffant post sur referencer un site
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