Interruption in service


The build box that I use to make OpenELEC for the Raspberry Pi and its associated web server with release bundles and image files has been down for most of the last day. Normal service is now resumed, so if you’re still having issues seeing it’s likely to be due to DNS propagation delays.

When the VM went down I was away in the woods camping (and completely offline), and once I did know about the issue (thanks to Andy Griffiths for letting me know) it wasn’t easy to resolve. I’ve been using a VM on the beta cloud service, and I’ve been very pleased with its speed, stability and the fact that nobody has complained to me about the bandwidth that’s being consumed (in the region of 1TB/month last time I checked).

Sadly there’s a hiccup in BigV’s management system that’s prevented me from being able to bring the VM back up, so I’ve provisioned a fresh one and copied over the historical release bundles and images from my backup on I’m going to try out a new way of making image files, but hopefully that won’t change anything from a user’s perspective. I’ve also set up some automated monitoring using Montastic so that I can be more proactive about future issues (provided I’m not in the wilderness, or a long flight).

2 Responses to “Interruption in service”

  1. 1 Alexander Heinz

    Thank you very much for the images! I appreciate your work.

    Do your latest builds already include the fix for playing WMV3 files? This requires the VC1 license plus the fix from

    • I’ve not got any WMV files myself so I haven’t bought or tested the VC1 codec, but I can confirm that MPEG2 works fine.

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