November 2022



It’s been cold, and wet, and windy, so the coats are back on for walks. Some days they aren’t keen to go out at all, and would rather just snuggle up.


The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) had a pop up exhibition on Charles Babbage, and the work done by volunteers to bring his sketches to life; and that provided a good excuse for the London Retro Computing Meetup to get together there.

Last time I visited TNMOC it was possible to walk through from Bletchley Park (before it became Bletchley Theme Park and fell out with many volunteers). Despite some concerns about a leaky roof, the place felt more together than last time; and it was wonderful to hear from the deeply knowledgeable volunteers.

They now have their own Bombe reconstruction, covering how Enigma was broken; and the volunteers really brought to life the exhibits for Tunny and Witch (along with Colossus, though I’d seen that before).

If you find yourself anywhere near Milton Keynes with time to spare it’s well worth a visit, and if you’re anywhere in the South of England and interested in the history of computing it’s worth a day trip.

Solar Diary

November produced only 119.4 kWh, less than half the figure for October :(

Another month rolled by without any progress by EDF on my Smart Export Guarantee application (other than a specious email about missing info to register an export MPAN, when I already have one that they’ve been told about). But, I guess this matters less in the autumn/winter months when there’s less excess generation – I exported a mere 29.4 kWh this month, which if EDF got its act together they’d have paid a whopping £1.65 for :0

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