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I greatly fear that tomorrow, Tue 6 Apr 2010, will go down in history as the day democracy died. I am of course writing once again about the Digital Economy Bill [1] in the UK, and its big brother ACTA. Pieces of legislation penned by the lobbyists for media distribution companies and about to be […]

In answering this question I want to move beyond the obvious – that the politicians sold their own souls years ago, and that the media industry is the devil incarnate, and thus hungry for more. This is of course another post about the Digital Economy Bill (and ACTA). Pieces of legislation that will trade our […]

This evening I was supposed to be doing a lightening talk on PaaS at London CloudCamp, which would cover the stuff that I did over Christmas and New Year. Hopefully I’ll get to do that another day, as right now I feel obliged to speak out about an amendment that’s been introduced to the Digital […]

Hopefully we’re seeing the beginning of the end rather than the end of the beginning as media companies align themselves with incumbent politics to suppress the new freedoms of the Internet in order to maintain their outdated business models. Locally we have the Digital Economy bill, full of dreadful stuff that has emerged in the wake of […]