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TL;DR Best practice gets encoded into industry leading software (and that happens more quickly with SaaS applications). So if you’re not using the latest software, or if you’re customising it, then you’re almost certainly divergent from best practices, which slows things down, makes it harder to hire and train people, and creates technology debt. Background […]

Rising from the ashes of GigaOm the tribal gathering of cloud elders that is Structure has returned, and got off to a strong start with Battery Venture’s Adrian Cockcroft presenting on the State of the Cloud and Container Ecosystems. Cockcroft paid particular attention to the impact of containers, which wasn’t even a major discussion topic at […]

I the early part of the ‘unpanel’ session at last night’s post Cloud Expo London CloudCamp there was a good deal of debate about DevOps and what it means. Some people talked about new skill mixes, others talked about tools. These are I think simply artefacts. The more fundamental change is about design. At the risk […]

I first drew this chart back around 2004 for my friend Alexis Richardson. At the time I referred to it in the context of a proprietary research methodology, but I don’t want trademark lawyers chasing me – hence the thesaurised title for this post. The point was very simple – we had standards based protocols […]

In the last few weeks I’ve had snags with both Skype and Google over billing. I could take this personally – thinking that  my bad teclo karma (which must run in the family) is now turning into bad SaaS karma? I suspect though that the problems are much more widespread. Skype I’ve had a Skype […]

Dear Mr Soames, As the Digital Economy Bill leaves the Lords and heads to the Commons I’m writing to you in the hope that you can help stop (or fix) this damaging piece of legislation. Much ink has already been spilled on the issues around ‘piracy’ of media content such as music, videos, games and […]

This evening I was supposed to be doing a lightening talk on PaaS at London CloudCamp, which would cover the stuff that I did over Christmas and New Year. Hopefully I’ll get to do that another day, as right now I feel obliged to speak out about an amendment that’s been introduced to the Digital […]

A little while ago I put out a plea for stronger authentication for Google Apps, and it seems that my wish has been granted with Tricipher launching their myOneLogin for Google Apps[1]. I had tried myOneLogin before, and frankly wasn’t too impressed. This time things are different though, the issues I’d seen before with Chrome compatibility and […]

Two wishes granted – an API for XACML, and OpenID from Google Apps. Wish three – strong(er) authentication for Google Apps to make SaaS more secure.