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OK. I very nearly bought a new tablety netbook earlier in the year, and I’d still like an s10-3t (or similar)[1], but I’m in no hurry to buy a new netbook and here’s why. Netbooks are good enough. They’re good enough for web surfing. They’re good enough for watching SD video (maybe even 720p if […]

This is my first follow up post after my first impressions, which went up ten days ago now. I’m using the X201 as my main machine on the road, at work and around the house, so it’s getting to the stage now where I know it reasonably well. Pimping my ride I’ve done a few […]

A few weeks ago I was pretty upset with Lenovo after they cancelled my order for an s10-3t netvertible. My last update flagged that Lenovo had been in touch, and I wondered if there might be a happy ending? There was, as Lenovo came back to me promising an s10-3t as soon as they hit […]

I’ve been pretty gushing in the past about Lenovo and their netbooks, but more recently they’ve not been doing much to keep me happy. About 6 weeks ago I ordered an s10-3t ‘netvertible’ (a netbook crashed into a tablet). It wasn’t exactly what I wanted – I’d have liked a higher resolution screen, and built […]

I’ve written before about my trusty Lenovo s10e, which I’ve had for about a year now. Recently though I’ve been loving my little netbook a lot less, as the fan was making such an atrocious noise that people on the other side of my office were complaining. Sadly this seems to be a common problem. […]