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For a little while I’ve been experiencing lousy service from my credit card providers, and judging by what I hear from others I’m far from alone on this. The level of false positives from card company fraud detection systems has reached a point where it’s creating a bad customer experience, and it often seems that ‘common sense’ […]

A week ago I ordered a Push N Go Thomas for my nephew from T J Hughes (Amazon only had the Percy version). The site showed that they had it in stock (unlike some of the other sellers that I’d found on Google Shopping), and I was even willing to bear the somewhat steep P&P […]

I moved into my house over 8 years ago. The day after that move I bought a Brabantia kitchen bin – a nice big shiny stainless steel one. As I got to know more of the neighbours it soon became something of a running joke that everybody had bought the same bin. Some years later […]

I’ve been pretty gushing in the past about Lenovo and their netbooks, but more recently they’ve not been doing much to keep me happy. About 6 weeks ago I ordered an s10-3t ‘netvertible’ (a netbook crashed into a tablet). It wasn’t exactly what I wanted – I’d have liked a higher resolution screen, and built […]

Well done Le Creuset for honouring your 10 year guarantee with minimal inconvenience and polite friendly communications from customer services. If only more companies could be like that.