Surprisingly Slipshod for Amazon


I got an email proclaiming:

AmazonFresh – now in your area

If that wasn’t exciting enough in its own right (which would probably be the case) it went on to say:

Get a £20 gift card when you spend £60 or more on an AmazonFresh order and have it delivered between 16 – 30 June, 2016

I’m a sucker for a deal, so I thought I’d give it a try (in place of my usual Waitrose Deliver order).

The first problem was when I clicked on the link in the email


Ah – the old & to & gag. A few backspaces later and I’m at this:


Alarm bells are starting to ring now. You know where I live Amazon. You know the postcode. Rule #1 of UX is don’t ask a human to answer a question where the computer already knows.

So then I enter my postcode:


And I look back at the email:

… The Offer is limited to selected London postcodes where AmazonFresh is available …

So AmazonFresh isn’t now in my area, because my area isn’t London, that’s not where I live (and Amazon knows that). So the whole thing is a ham-fisted waste of time.

I look forward to my London friends telling me how great Fresh is. If they can get past the old & gag.

2 Responses to “Surprisingly Slipshod for Amazon”

  1. 1 Neil Fagan

    works in Oxford…:)

  2. 2 Hugh Grant

    I went through a period recently where Amazon decided my postcode in Kent was outside the mainland UK. It took a lot of to and fro with their customer services, who initially told me I was based in Germany (because I had ordered something from earlier in the year). I spent a couple of weeks officially back in the UK but I just tried ordering a UPS and they won’t ship it to Kent because I’m told they “cannot ship large batteries outside the UK”…. sigh.

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