Milo cancer diary part 5 – easing the pace


It’s Milo’s 2nd birthday today, which is a landmark I feared he’d not reach four months ago.

Since his last setback things have been ticking along very much to plan:

  • His white cell count and neutrophils were fine for the next dose of Vincristine.
  • We delayed a couple of days for his next visit to North Downs Specialist Referrals (NDSR) for the end of round Doxorubicin, and that all went ahead fine.
  • The treatment cycle is now every two weeks rather than weekly, which gives time for everything to normalise before blood tests.

The only cloud on the horizon is that his scan at NDSR didn’t show full remission, which the oncologist would normally hope for at that stage. His intestines are back to normal, but some lymph nodes are still enlarged, at 1cm rather than the 0.5cm that might be expected. So… if things haven’t improved at the end of this cycle there might be cause to change the chemo protocol.

Past parts:

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2. first setback

3. back on track

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