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Two wishes granted – an API for XACML, and OpenID from Google Apps. Wish three – strong(er) authentication for Google Apps to make SaaS more secure.

I’ve spent a lot of time this year talking about persona, which makes it a little ridiculous that I find myself writing now about its possible demise. We’ve barely got started. The problem is ‘the end on online anonymity‘, where Sarah Perez argues that the Lori Drew case will cause us to lose the freedom […]

This post has been stewing for some time, and perhaps the fuss today over the launch of the .tel domain gives me a good reason to serve it up. It’s my view that telephone numbers were THE original digital identity scheme. Of course like most pioneering activities things weren’t thought through particularly well, and we’ve […]

Digital ego?


I spent yesterday at the Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford (SVCO) event, which I can heartily recommend to anybody interested in hearing about the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship from the horses mouth. There were many highlights to the day, but for me the most interesting presentation was by Susan Greenfield on ‘The Brain: neuroscience […]

My experiment with directed social bookmarking seems to be working out well, though I still don’t have an appropriate feedback vehicle. Nudge, nudge to those that have offered to help. One of the interesting things that’s happened is that people who I direct stuff towards are starting to become significant in my tag cloud. This […]

I promised a more detailed post about this in my previous one about ERM. This is not intended to be entitlements services 1-01, but there is some necessary preamble to set the scene. Somebody probably ought to write that tutorial, as web search and WikiPedia are unusually unhelpful in this area, but that’s not going […]

When I subscribe to anybody’s blog there is usually a choice of feeds between ‘posts’ and ‘comments’. Whilst ‘posts’ usually suits me fine I find that it isn’t adequate when I make a comment and want to watch the unfolding discussion. I never choose ‘comments’, even on my favourite blogs, because the noise to signal […]

Despite the lack of comments (yet) the post on persona has resulted in some good behind the scenes debate. Something that came out of this is that I agreed to post an illustration of how a legal entity fits into the persona illustration in order to effect the LLP concept: Sadly this still leaves us […]